Through Minds’ Eyes 2: The Letters

Through Minds’ Eyes 2, The Letters, is the second book in the series that I am writing.

In all, there will be 120 letters, two declarations made in May of 2014, and addressed to fourteen very important friends and acquaintances I had in my life along with individual letters to about 10 or 12 more. They will range from short excerpts to many pages. They are essentially letters of how I felt at the time and correspondenceĀ that I wrote to them regarding particular aspects of my life. They were important to me and the world deserves to know what their influence has done to shape the philosophy that I wrote and now preach and teach.

In relation to the first book, they will essentially replace the existing letters and have a whole lot more attached to them. I don’t anticipate it being more than 100,000 words and I expect to have it done by mid-October. I will continue to write my fiction book and send it off to publishing agents hopefully within the month. Those are my goals for the rest of the summer.