Going out to all the world

As part of my upcoming release of my latest installment of Through Minds’ Eyes 2, I will be talking about some of the greatest lessons that I learned from the people that influenced me the most.

I have said many times that it is your friends who do the most to shape you into who you are. They are more directly influential on your life than your family because you are more likely to listen to them. On the flipside, they are also the most temporary of the people that are in your life. If you know what I am talking about, then you will know that I probably am right. Even the people that you will eventually marry and are in relationships with start out in this way and are classified as such.

Over the course of my life, I have been with a very diverse set of people that influenced me in all sorts of ways. The greatest amount of diversity happened to me when I came to Boulder in the fall of 2011. In that time, I was in a dorm with a ton of people from different backgrounds and it was a lot different from the world that I had come from. During my freshman year of college in the dorms, I had four people influence me the most above all other people. I will be talking about one of these people tonight.

When I came to the dorms, I was of a particular kind of person and I started to change over the course of the year. I did not think that I would evolve ‘beyond religion’ by the end of that year, but I did. The main issue that I ran into was the fact that I did not know what I would be like at that time because I did not see myself going to that point. People did not like me when I was religious because I met with these people with a particular attitude of self-righteousness and holier than thou attitude. I first met with their criticisms of my beliefs through anger, then to concern, then to acceptance, and they got me to think over time. It was at this time that I also saw the errors of my ‘friends’ from the past.

A young lady named Miranda was much the same way that I was at the time in the past. It was her that would teach me how I could be if I was to leave my old ways and to come to an evolutionary stance. By the time the end of the year came around, I became a better person through their influence. The damage was already done, however, and I did not hear from them again after the end of that year. The important lesson here is that it is okay to go outside your shell and to meet all sorts of people. Even though they do not believe the same things that you do, you do not have to shun them away because of their perceived uselessness. The people that influence you the most may be the people that you most often overlook at first. I was forced into a situation where I was around people that were once like me and had since moved on. I had two choices and that was to either adapt or to force back. Over time, I saw that my forcing back was not going to make me any friends, so I adapted and I evolved in a spiritual sense.

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