The Meaning of Christ and Covenant

Out of the fourteen people that are among The Letters and have therefore influenced me the most, Sarah presented a big challenge for me in my freshman year of college. It would be her that would challenge my old faith that was dying in relation to the new. Being a Jew, I would have almost immediately rejected her in the past because she was not a ‘part of my group’. Surprisingly, out of the four that I met that year, she was the nicest to me and she is the one that did not lash out at me at the end. Her challenge caused me to think and to change into the person that I am today. I also believe that it was her influence that caused me to begin writing of the things that I learned and experiences, which eventually became my first book.

I did not expect her to challenge me in such a way, but her attitude towards me brushed off in such a way that allowed me to be more comfortable with those around me in the dorms during that year. I had to live with these people and I was not comfortable initially because of the fact that I was now the ‘outcast’ of the group. It was during this time that I got the nickname ‘religious Ryan’, which is a name that I have since embraced fully. This spurred my continued study of religion as a discipline and the development of a philosophy of my own.

The two major facets of the philosophy would be the meaning of Christ and Covenant, which were the two greatest questions asked of me by Sarah and it caused me to think about it and define it in a way that has since developed into the way that it is now. Human life revolves around the words ‘Christ’ and ‘Covenant’ and it is these words that I think I’ve explained best through the development of my philosophy. They are questions almost as great as the questions of why we are here and where we are going. I used to think of it in a Christian context, but I have since learned that the orthodox way of thinking about these words are almost entirely wrong. We are thinking of these words in the wrong context and we need to think deeper about our relationship with one another, ourselves, and the universe. The Covenant of Humanity, for example, is much deeper than ‘loving God and loving others’. What does it mean to love god? What is god? What defines god? The same goes for Christ. What does it mean to follow Christ? to be Christ like? To believe in Christ? What is Christ? What does it mean to be Christ? It is a title and not a name, so how does that get attained? The fact that Sarah was of Jewish descent allowed me to think of these things and to transcend the world that I was a part of for so many years. That opened and deepened my mind to think and ponder on these questions.

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