Every Good Story Has a Great Beginning

One of the greatest friends of my life was one that I had known all my life and had greatly influenced my path over 5 years ago. It is the belief of this young woman that “You have the opportunity to change the life of another, don’t let that opportunity go to waste.” She certainly changed the life of one person already out of the many that she was sure to change during her lifetime. She was the catalyst that caused me to change my life. It was, however, no ordinary change.

In my view and in the view of many of the people that were around me at that time, this young woman named Shannon was the single factor for me that caused me to change my entire life. It was no easy decision to make, but it would be her that would initially give me something to look towards and to strive to. It would also be her that would support me through this time of change. In my life before the year 2009, I was a totally different person and I had made a life for myself that was not the ideal, but it gave me temporary fame and pleasure for a time. Of course, it was all based around half-truths, but it was good enough for me.

In April of 2009, it was all starting to fall apart for me in my old life and I tried desperately to hold on, but it would be this new path that was presented to me at the time during my days of Confirmation that would allow me to have another option. I was not sure of this option until I saw what I could become. It would be that idea that would cause me to make the change. Although the friendship has come and gone many times between Shannon and I, her influence on my life will forever remain unmatched and it would be this path that still leads me to the most extraordinary people in my life.

I have had fourteen that have been particularly influential on my life and still directly affects the path that my life goes down. They have been supported by a plethora of people that have still been important to me. We should always remember the friends that influence us the most. It is said that it is the friends that influence your life direction the most, but are the most temporary beings in your life. Do not take those people for granted and remember everyone for their influence on your life. I have dedicated parts of my life to these extraordinary people for their influence, most of the time being unintentional, on my life’s direction.

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