Double Standards

Over the course of this journey that I had and in life in general, I have tried to be somebody that I was not. I learned many painful lessons over the course of many years. I joined many groups and did many things that I was not comfortable with because I was trying to ‘fit in’. It was not until much later in my college career that I discovered that I had a passion for something and I went along and pursued it.

As many of you know, today, I applied for a reporting position for the Denver Post. It may be a long shot for me, not being a journalism major, but I believe that they can overlook it when they have seen what I have to offer them. For me, it is not about the art of journalism, but it is about the art of writing that I did not discover I had the passion for until much later in my college career. For me, it is not a fluke. I am increasingly seeing this field as a very legitimate career for me. The only regret that I have is that I did not see this earlier and I did not pursue it. If I found this out, I would have majored in something like journalism. I have other options, however, and it has led me to this point. Of course, this passion of mine would not have been unlocked without some great people at my side over the past few years to spend time with me and cultivate this passion.

I would say that the first person to discover this in me was a young woman that I fell in love with many years ago named Alissa. I met her through the business minor that we were in together and I started my book when we were really close. It would be her that started this process for me. She not only taught me to follow my passions, but she cultivated me in these passions that I hold to this day. It was her encouragement and inspiration that drove me forward. It also started a tradition that many influential people in my life have followed in their continued inspiration, support, compassion, and in some cases, just plain putting up with me, and it has led me to not only do well in writing, but also in the arts, in public relations, in understanding the true power of marketing, and in journalism and freelance writing. To say that these people changed my life would be an understatement. My personality today is a reflection on the events that occurred since that summer of 2012.

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