What major am I again?

At the beginning of my freshman year, I had a vision. It has now been challenged. It turns out that I am good at other things too…

So, now that I am approaching my senior year of college, four books, hundreds of articles, a blogging empire that is getting bigger by the day, business plans, and huge ideals for the future, I should forge ahead to better understand my true purpose.

Summer is almost over and I have made some huge changes in my life. I am now starting to focus on what I am good at. I am constantly streamlining my operations and I am figuring out what is better for me.

So, as I approach this school year and understand my callings… What are my roots? Where did I come from? What happened in my life to get me to this point? This is the peak of my exploration and now I seek to look for things that I am actually good at and going for it. This year, I think, will be the zenith of my time here in Boulder. This year will also be the year that I cement my place in the history of this school. This is my year. This is where I will prove to the world and to myself what I am made of and where I will find out what I am truly good at. I have found a few things that do and do not work, but I think I am getting there in my life and I think that I will reach a point to where I will have the ability to improve on the things that I am really good at.