A plot for a new philosophical thriller: “David’s Grace” (tentative)

“David’s Grace” is a book that is set to come out between late 2015 and mid 2016 about a man named David, who is a virgin at the time, gives birth to a child named Grace in a barn near Oklahoma City. Over time, this young child, who is actually an alter ego of David, is baptized in the river Arkansas and begins a preaching tour around the United States espousing right wing Christian theology. Over time, Grace comes into competition with Michael and Jo with their own preaching styles. They run into competition at various times while Grace is trying to earn recognition of her religious freedoms without actually being a person. Grace reveals itself to be the Christ after the transfiguration.

At this time, Grace runs into Barbara, who is David’s wife and the mother of his other children to try and reason with it. Grace refuses and is condemned to death by the Affordable Care Act. Grace goes to the supreme court to try and win exemption. The disciple named Walt and his alter ego, Marston, was instrumental in the arrest of Grace. Grace is then sacrificed on the cross for the forgiveness of religious exemptions of non-persons and buried in the archives. She was resurrected three days later when the court decided in favor of it. Grace then spends forty days while David was trying to rebuild its reputation among the shareholders and the Chinese suppliers. Grace then ascends to heaven and David recounts the progress of Grace and the gospel of the right wing. He sends letters to many notable people who are influential in right wing politics. At the end, Grace returns in the fullness of glory, but is met by the second coming of Moroni and Joesph Smith, the representatives of the religion that is actually true, the Mormons, and Grace and David are destroyed in Armageddon.

The main themes revolve around capitalism, right wing religious ideology, the Christian right, and evangelical Christianity. It also pokes fun at the personhood of corporations and pokes fun at other religions as well. It will also poke fun at Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, Assemblies of God, the Affordable Care Act, the Personhood of Corporations, the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, and other organizations. It is meant to be a book of humor, but will touch on some of the hottest political issues of our time. I will also be writing a book called “The New Conservative” at the same time, which will give thoughts on the future of the party system of America and give insight into how we got to this point in the history of our political system.