The Influence Just Won’t Die

One thing that I have learned over many years of interacting with these people is that sometimes the influence of some of the people on my life will not die. I determine the most influential people in my life based on the amount of influence that they leave behind. The most influential of these people in my life have fundamentally changed my life to the fullest extent. For example, I am still being influenced in some small way by the two most recent people to come through my life and in even smaller ways by the twelve before them.

The fourteen people that I acknowledge in my life have taken that place because they have made a particularly powerful impact on my life. Many of them changed the way that I thought of my life and my talents and that my prospects for the future have changed. Some have taught me important lessons about love and friendship. Some of them have helped me in the process of transition. I have seen many of these kinds of people in minor ways and they helped me in smaller ways, but some people in my life have changed me to think in a whole new way and to expand my horizons.

In the past year, my horizons expanded significantly. It was through the newspaper that I was a part of and the people in it that made me into the person that I am today. It may just provide me a path to my future and I have that newspaper to thank for that. Although many people in that group don’t see it or appreciate it, I appreciate all their hard work and dedication to me and developing my skills. I have become a journalist and an editor and a better writer all at the same token and it has allowed me to expand my prospects and the hope for a future in an industry that I have long been passionate about. I don’t know if the people at the CU Independent really care about that, but it has helped me a lot in the development of an important skill in my life that I sought to improve. For me, I have been influenced by many great mentors, with one in particular, Alison, also providing me with a dosage of inspiration to the development of my life as a writer. The influence from that time has not died despite the fact that I do not talk to these people anymore. That is the fact of my life that has allowed me to remember these people properly and it reminds me of just how far I have come.

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