Close Enough I think…

Water ColoradoRemember this guy? There will be many great lakes coming to Colorado in some of the poorest regions of the state, making them very abundant and rich at the same time. The economic opportunities are endless. In the first phase, I will build the “great lakes” of Colorado.

Lake Steamboat – Routt County

Lake Morgan – Morgan County

Lake Logan – Logan County

Lake Greeley – Weld County

Lake Meeker – Routt County

Each of these lakes will be fed from lakes and river systems in the east and desalination in the west from the Pacific.

Cities like Greeley and Fort Morgan will take on new life as lakeside command centers and cities in the mountains like Craig and Hayden will take on new life as tourist traps for large lakes. They will also replace many of the power plants that the front range of Colorado depends on right now and will bring forth the future of the Front Range.

Great Laks Here are the Great Lakes

Close Enough

Great Lakes of Colorado.


The “three sisters” of the I-76 corridor.

Two Lakes

and the “Routt twins”

Okay, not quite the same, but close enough…

There will be about a dozen more lakes in the region in the Rio Grande Valley, South Platte Valley, Yampa River Valley, Arkansas River Valley, and other valleys in Colorado. I want to keep the economic opportunity local for a region that will one day look like this:

C-City Metropolitan Area

With this in the south:

C-City Metropolis



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