Driscoll’s book pulled from bookshelves

The nation’s second largest Christian book retailer has pulled Mark Driscoll’s books from its website and stores.
Leaders at the Southern Baptist Convention owned LifeWay Christian Resources informed stores to stop selling books by the Seattle pastor who has been in hot water as of late. Just last week, leaders of Acts 29 removed Driscoll and his churches from the group he helped found and asked that he would also “step down from ministry for an extended time and seek help.”

At the time of this decision, LifeWay’s stores were selling just one of his titles, “A Call to Resurgence,” King stated. A spokesperson for Mars Hill did not respond to the bookstores decision. Driscoll admitted to and apologized for crude comments he made about feminism, homosexuality, and “sensitive emasculated” men on an online discussion forum under the fake name “William Wallace II.” Warren Throckmorton, a blogger who broke the news, has reported allegations from former ministers that Driscoll publicly asked their wives about their favorite sexual position.

The groups decision was unusual because ministries usually leave matters of church discipline up to the local churches. A letter from Acts 29′s board, however, said that it could not lean on Mars Hill to discipline Driscoll. Back in 2012, LifeWay also halted sales of a breast cancer awareness Bible tied to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization that has drawn controversy for its partnership with the abortion provider Planned Parenthood. It has also pulled films and books from their shelves for profanity.