Priest dies of Ebola in Spain

A Spanish missionary priest being treated for Ebola died Tuesday in a Spanish hospital.

Spain’s Health Ministry said that a day earlier, it had obtained the U.S.-made experimental Ebola drug ZMapp to treat Father Miguel Pajares, who contracted the disease in Liberia.

Pajares died at Carlos III Hospital, the hospital and his order said in separate statements. The hospital would not confirm that he had been treated with the drug, but his order said earlier that he was set to do so.

He is one of only three Ebola patients to have received the experimental drug on paper, though it is unknown if the drug was actually administered to all three. The other people who received the drug are two Americans evacuated to Atlanta, where records are easier to obtain.

Pajares, who was treating people with Ebola at the San Jose de Monrovia Hospital in Liberia when he became infected, was evacuated to Spain this past Thursday with a nun who also died of the virus. He worked for the San Juan de Dios hospital order, a Catholic humanitarian group that runs hospitals around the world.

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