Missed Opportunities

Over the course of my life, I tried to get people to like me that did not like me and did not have much in common with me. I felt like I had missed many opportunities in my life in that pursuit, and I have just started to notice the missed opportunities that come and go in my life. Katya holds a special place in that regard because it was through her that I noticed these kinds of missed opportunities and she was also perhaps the greatest of these missed opportunities. It reminds me and should remind all of us that we should let things go if they do not work out. If we stick to what we have, we will miss out on something that could possibly be greater than the thing we were in at the moment. I felt like I had more than one opportunity in that instance, but in each time, I was still obsessing over someone else and trying to save something that was clearly not going to work. Unfortunately still, she left my life at the same time that another influential individual left my life, leaving little chance for me, and that was not too long ago. I have gone through fourteen at this point in my life, but I am either awaiting a return or the rise of the fifteenth. I don’t know what that will bring to my life, but I know that it will be better than what I lost. I feel like that I have lost a lot this summer, but I hope that the future will be brighter for me. While I still wish that things could have been different, I know that there is a reason for everything that happened in my life and I am both nervous and excited for the positive things.