Student suspended for supposedly saying ‘bless you’

A Tennessee high school student claims that she was suspended after saying, “bless you” to another student during class.

According to WMC-TV, Dyer County high school student Kendra Turner was suspended after she said, “bless you” to a student who had sneezed.

“She said that we’re not going to have godly speaking in her class and that’s when I said we have a constitutional right,” Turner said.

After Turner defended her actions, she said that she was sent to see an administrator and given an in-school suspension. Students in the class later sent the news a picture of a list of words the teacher had banned from her classroom. “Bless you” was on the list, along with “dumb” and “stupid.”

The school’s vice principal told the Dyersburg State Gazette that she thought the situation had been blown out of proportion by social media.

“I think this has really been blown out of proportion on social media, but I will say this in regard for our teachers. There is not one here I don’t trust my own kids with and my kids are here and other relatives are here or have been here. I trust the teachers and beyond a shadow of a doubt all of our teachers have the students best interest at heart,” said vice principal Lynn Garner.

She claims that Turner was being disruptive in class.

“In this case, this was not a religious issue at all, but more of an issue the teacher felt was a distraction in her class,” Turner further stated.

Some local community members, however, told the media that they were on the student’s side.

“She should not have been suspended for it at all. If anything, the common courtesy back would be just like, ‘thank you.’ Not, ‘hey you’re suspended,’” said resident David Nicholson.