Reflections from the summer

This summer was mainly spent in an office or in my home. In that time, I wrote two complete books and I am 2/3 of the way through a third book and I also gained a ton of experience in a field that I see myself in for many years to come. I also vanquished two crushes that I had, although the memories will remain for years to come. It was a somewhat lonely and long summer, but I am so glad for it to be over. I have been back to my normal job for a week and I feel so much better about everything being back to normal for one more year. If anything, I still need this year to find out what I am really meant to do. Here are some of the goals that I have in place for this year:

  • Finish ‘The Valley Authority’ (November)
  • Secure a professional publishing agent for ‘The Valley Authority’ (May)
  • Get a job in the Midwest or the East Coast (May)
  • Become a Master Mason (May)
  • Finish ‘Through Minds Eyes 2: The Letters’ (September)
  • Start ‘The Third Party: Rise of the New Conservative’ (May)
  • Complete my website (October)
  • Sign up for Real Estate License Classes to take over the summer in my new state (May)
  • Maybe possibly look at Grad Schools (May (I’m taking at least a year off))
  • Master Arabic (May)

In addition to those projects, I will also be working on many aspects that have been ongoing, including things such as writing gigs, blogging, and other maptual things of interest. It will be busy, but should not be as busy as the summer was. Oh, and I am also taking 18 credit hours this semester… maybe just a little busy for me, but that is what I am capable of.