The Tides of Change

Sometimes, things in the world are not as they seem. I experienced this many times in my life and it has allowed me to reflect on all the missed opportunities. In the past, I had a narrow mind in terms of the kinds of people that I associated myself with and many of these people did not turn out to be the kinds of people that I had hoped for. By the time I entered the LDS Church in February of 2011, my idea of who was ‘good’ in my eyes and ‘bad’ in my eyes had changed. It changed further once I moved to Boulder. By the time I was done with freshman year of college, I decided that, instead of looking for the people whom I chose to associate with in a certain group, I chose to look at the people that just passed into my life through a group or class instead of having the group dictate the people that I had to choose from. Also, I was quite frankly tired of looking for active Catholics or LDS people.

Over the course of my journey, I associated with many different types of people along the entire spectrum. The experiences that I had with these people allow me to be have some sort of expertise on the subject despite being bad at it myself in practice. It was a matter of who the person was and what situation they were in. This allowed me to adapt to that person and in the situation that they were in. This taught me the true meaning of friendship, relationships, the nature of relationships, trust, loyalty, betrayal, and the virtues in practice.

I was met with good times and with bad times, but I am still around and forging ahead in my life. Many other people do not truly learn these things until they are much older and knowing this amazing fact about the people in our life caused me to think back to days like high school and thought about all the missed opportunities that I had. Of course, there was a lot of crap in high school, but I think that there were some missing gems in there that I did not think about because they were not part of the group. That is just the way life is. We will all have those missed opportunities in our life and many of us get caught up in people and in situations that are not good to be in.