All parts of the spectrum

Over the course of my journey, I have been with people from across the entire spectrum of girls that you could come to get. Throughout these experiences, I learned some things about myself that make me into a better person. Despite the fact that I am single at the moment, I believe that, because of my experience with people from all these different walks of life and all these different types of personalities, I have been able to learn about different aspects of my own being from these drastically different experiences. I have found faults in my own life and I helped them to find faults of their own. Some people have been able to embrace the changes that they saw that they needed and other people have not been so ready. This is why I am releasing my next book in such a personal way. This is a message that the entire world needs to be able to hear and experience, but I want to make the biggest impact on the people that have been a direct part of my life. These are the messages that they need to hear because many of them do not realize the direct impact that they had on my life and the development of what I believe. I want this to be an example to the world as well. It is the people around you and the people that you fall in love with that have the most direct impact on your life. I can attest to that through sharing my experiences, and now. my thoughts and feelings to the people that I loved so long (and not so long) ago.