Changes coming to

Hello All,

I am announcing some new changes coming to As many of you know, my two other blogs have gone through some major changes over the past couple of months resulting in increasing traffic. I am now going to do the same for this website that will allow me to make higher quality articles and do less stuff that people already do. Here are some of the major changes coming.

  • The bulk of my content will switch over to videos talking about my book.
  • I will stop doing the short news articles and I will switch gears to a more comprehensive reaction. I am better at long form freelance writing as opposed to regular journalism.
  • I will do a short question and answer blog daily
  • I will also be sharing news stories, articles, and other things more and I will refer people to my social media for that.
  • I will occasionally be making stories on the Christs, prophets, and angels
  • I will also be doing book promotions more (mainly through my videos)