What should we do if we don’t want to change?

Pope Francis, for all the change that he has supposedly brought to the Catholic Church, is seemingly bringing us all back to our roots. When he does things like oppose war or accept gays, he is telling us that we should respect our fellow human. That will bring us back to a time from before all the divisions. That will bring us back to a true unity, which should be the end goal of all the people on the earth. If we don’t want things to change, change your life and you will find out that the things that matter the most are the things that are relatively simple. The things that are simple are the things that we turn out to need and want in our life all along. If we embrace change that comes to our life, we will see that things will not change much at all, rather, it will take us to where we should be. The universe works to change us and there is nothing that we can do about it but let it take its course on our life.