How can we better show our kindness to the world?

There is a new breed of Progressive Christians out there and they have made their way to the realm of Evangelical Christians. They are influencing them enough to question their own views on marriage equality and the groups are coming to a head over this hot theological and political issue. A new group appeared today called Evangelicals For Marriage Equality and talks about the position of the issue to the realm of religion and politics. Other groups, like World Vision earlier this year, talked about it as well and reversed its position for a time, but it had to revert it due to pressures.

Research on evangelicals suggest that younger evangelicals are more likely to support same-sex marriage than those of an older generation, though many still resist it.

In 2012, Pew found that 29 percent of young white evangelicals (age 18-29) expressed support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, higher than older evangelicals at 17 percent. That’s far below the level of support for same-sex marriage expressed by young adults as a whole (65 percent).

A 2014 Public Religion Research Institute survey suggested that white evangelical Protestant millennials are more than twice as likely to favor same-sex marriage as the oldest generation of white evangelical Protestants (43 percent compared to 19 percent).

These kinds of people are showing more kindness towards other people to start with. To millennials, it does not matter what people choose to think or believe to them. They are taking in the example of the Christ and loving unconditionally and treating others the way that they want to be treated. It does not matter what other people do to you as long as it does not affect you. Things like choosing who you want to marry and what you want to do with your body should not be of concern to those around you. Kindness comes to your life when you show kindness towards other people. Bitter people will see the world in such a light and they will have bitterness take over their life. Your life will be what your thoughts are. If you show hostilities towards people, people will probably see that and show some hostility towards you. Start your day and end your day with an attitude of love and you will see your life and the world around you in a whole new light.

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  1. As he often does, my Pastor hit the nail on the head about this one. Dr. B, this one of the things that I adrmie and respect about you. Just as we are called to be accountable to the Lord, we are also called to be accountable to one another and here’s why: accountability to one another always has as its goal the restoration and the building up of others in their relationship with the Savior. What do you think?

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