What does Freemasonry mean to me?

I am going to be a Fellowcraft Freemason tonight. First of all, the conspiracy theories are true (not really), but I am excited to see what I can learn as I go through this journey that is called Freemasonry. I know that many people have heard about Freemasonry that may or may not be true at all. I am a part of a Lodge in Boulder and I can tell you what we talk about.

  • We talk about cool esoteric stuff on occasion that provokes some really interesting conversation about Ancient Knowledge
  • We talk about the lodge moving (because we sold our building to a local museum) and we are trying to find a space to suit our needs.
  • We talk about a lot of our philanthropic work

Although our lodge is made up of many current and retired influential members of the community, that does not mean that we “rule” the community. I think that many people make that misconception, but it also allows me to network effectively and it is really cool to be a part of something that does things like provide scholarships and take part in community events. It is a non-profit that is not like a church because freemasonry is not a religion, but we are united by these ideas that Freemasons stand for (like a belief in deity and the fact that we are going through these same initiations at some point). All in all, we are just trying to be better people and think in a manner that is conducive to what is important to us (god, nation, family, fraternity). As I go further into this journey, I hope that I can learn more and write about freemasonry and topics in freemasonry in a scholarly manner. I want more people to know how freemasonry and some of the concepts in freemasonry can apply to normal life and how people can embrace the concepts without having to become a member.

It is certainly not for everyone, but I encourage people to really understand what most Freemasons do and are involved in. In our lodge and in many other lodges, there are a lot of young people going in, which I think brings benefits beyond being a part of something cool and interesting for those who join. It is also an opportunity to get connections, to feel at home in a foreign place, to be a part of a philanthropic organization, and to better themselves and the world around them. That is what Freemasonry means to me.