How can we stop the voices in our head?

There has been a lot of strife in the LDS Church recently over the status of Gays and Women in that faith. As a very conservative branch of Christianity, the people at the top of the hierarchy are trying to keep the orthodoxy in check. They want to maintain the status quo, but they are having a hard time with that status quo because they are not being embraced by millennials. I can see the LDS Church change as these millenials get older, but there will be a significant divide for some time. I think that this is an opportunity for the LDS Church (and other churches around the world) to change, but I do not see the transition being an easy one. Many of these people are following and giving in to the voices in their head. A gay person, for example, who is denying their gay-ness would put the voices screaming to them about who they are to the side and the problems will just get worse over time. There are a lot of voices in our head, but sometimes, to make them stop, we need to accept the reality of our life, even if it does not agree with our most sacred beliefs. The voices in our head are trying to tell us something that we are trying to deny in our own life because of the beliefs and actions around us. We can get rid of the voices in our head by doing the actions, but they are sometimes not very good voices. Some of the most murderous people in history did horrible actions because of the voices in their head, which is one way to get rid of those voices. We all have to deal with them in our own way and no religion has ever clearly understood the voices in our heads because it can be so diverse. There are some ways to dealing with those voices in our head, especially if they are negative:

4 Ways to Quiet the Negative Voice Inside You