How can you not let things get to you?

Today is the day that Scotland votes for their independence from the UK, which has been in union for 300 years. The Scottish people get to vote on their right to self-determination, but this referendum has not come without some measure of opposition from other groups about the issue of the prospects of an independent Scotland. I have studied extensively on both sides of the issue and I can see the pros and the cons of such a referendum. The queen quoted the Scots to think very carefully about their future, which has, for me at least, set in stone as to what side she is on. Even with these comments and these uncertainties, the Scottish people have not let fear get the best of them and many people are in support of independence so much so that it is almost evenly split. We should not let things from the outside get to our head. What people say to you are essentially opinions if you know that there is an argument on your side to defend yourself. If you know you have been wronged, those opinions become facts from people who tell you that you have been wrong. The point is that you should not let what people tell you get to you. Their opinions are theirs and your opinions are yours. People can only change themselves and it is up to us to set an example for them to inspire them to change. The best way to change another person if you want to change that person is to become yourself who you want that person to be. Like those in support of Scottish Independence, you should not let opinions or scare tactics get the best of what you believe to be right.