Progressive Revelation

I am talking a little about the idea of Progressive Revelation for the purpose of doing research into it for a future book. Although there are two primary religious traditions that use the term of Progressive Revelation, the idea works for every single religious tradition. Religion in of itself is a result of progressive revelation in a way. Over the course of the history of religion, different traditions that were older went away in lieu of new light. The idea of progressive revelation is that the new traditions build on the older traditions by way of prophets or Christs that also bring forth new holy texts of some sort.

Wikipedia Entry for Baha’i Progressive Revelation:

Bahá’ís believe God to be generally regular and periodic in revealing His will to mankind through messengers/prophets, which are named Manifestations of God. Each messenger in turn establishes a covenant and founds a religion. This process of revelation, according to the Bahá’í writings, is also never ceasing,[1] which is contrary to many other belief systems that believe in a finality of their prophet/messenger. The general theme of the successive and continuous religions founded by Manifestations of God is that there is an evolutionary tendency, and that each Manifestation of God brings a larger measure of revelation (or religion) to humankind than the previous one.[4] The differences in the revelation brought by the Manifestations of God is stated to be not inherent in the characteristics of the Manifestation of God, but instead attributed to the various worldly, societal and human factors;[4] these differences are in accordance with the “conditions” and “varying requirements of the age” and the “spiritual capacity” of humanity.[4] These differences are seen to be needed since human society has slowly and gradually evolved through higher stages of unification from the family to tribes and then nations.[4]

The entry continues:

Thus religious truth is seen to be relative to its recipients and not absolute; while the messengers proclaimed eternal moral and spiritual truths that are renewed by each messenger, they also changed their message to reflect the particular spiritual and material evolution of humanity at the time of the appearance of the messenger.[1] In the Bahá’í view, since humanity’s spiritual capacity and receptivity has increased over time, the extent to which these spiritual truths are expounded changes.[4]

This idea will be expanded on in a future work that I will write. It is something that I believe in and it is something that I hope to expand upon going into the future. I think that progressive revelation has brought on the Axial Age and the New Age today. I think that the process will continue into the future and I think that it will just get more and more prominent as it goes forward. I don’t think that the old religions will die out, but I think that the new religions will take hold as the dominant forces in the new world and will come about as a result of new prophets and Christs coming up and bringing forth new religious texts.