How do we open up to others?

Pope Francis has named a new archbishop for Chicago a few hours ago. This new leader is seen as someone that is similar to Francis ideologically, which concerns many of the conservatives who have been critical of Francis’ ideas and actions. Although this concerns many people who stick to the old ways, it is the view that is being increasingly accepted by the younger Catholics. Even those young Catholics who are conservative understand the application of love that Pope Francis is demonstrating towards people who are different and have different circumstances, as was seen recently with his tolerance towards gays and people who cohabited or were divorced. This is a kind of openness that we need to seek in our life. We don’t have to approve of the way that everyone lives their life or the actions that they make, but we have to understand that there is nothing we can do about it and we must accept them for who they are. For it was said that we shall treat people the way that we would want to be treated by them. Opening up is not easy for everyone, but it is the first step to opening up to ourselves and understanding who we truly are.

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  1. Oh thanks, Bill, like I have a sotluion to ecclesiology? Were that so, I’d also have the unified field theory of physics in my pocket too!All of us, here at PTB, CMAA, NLM and even RCaeli or whatever acronymns we spout our intensities need to realize we play for the same team ultimately, and must subsume our inclinations to dwell in symptoms rather than sotluions to the root ailments. Yes, at first blush that’s Pollyanna naivete. But e’en that, followed by through Christ our Lord puts the Enemy at bay.My personal hero priest, an infirm OSB finishing his journey in solitude with nurses in residence in Tucson, taught me this most invaluable lesson in homiletics, he a devotee of Fulton Sheen: the finest preaching is that which is intended for oneself. His mother used to bust his chops for coming off in the pulpit as a faux Sheen. But the maxim is true.As our phantom conscience, KLS, has systematically reminded us, the echo chamber of cyberfame and the great echo chambers can effect a change, or magnify our flaws, in our basic raison d’etres. It pains me to observe that at some point our good (I mean GOOD) friend Allan started mingling his Q factor with his convictions and the good rationale was amended on the fly with his rising following and the lamentable joke about being a Pre-Cog clairvoyant, which then became a free-standing tenet and foil for many premises advanced here and at SO.But none of that means his mission, work and intent has gone south of Macon. It seems to me that the exchanges between the blogs is like an existential poker game, everyone pretending that by bluffing, calling, raising stakes, challenging character and dignity (so repugnant) and all that we play here actually is real. Whose face is on the coins we wager? Either our own or some other Caesar’s, but not His.We are losing face, ironically, in the world stage. We are not holding center. We are not founded in humility and grace among our own baptized and confirmed. And our follies here, and at both NCR’s and elsewhere only add to our chaos.So, you ask me, what is our sotluion? We (I) must start by always pressing stop on the narrative in my mind about what is correct, what isn’t, what is intellectually infallible, and what is a fool’s wisdom, and listen to each other. And I am the worst offender in that realm of sin.It seems to me that all of us, in all camps arguing hot air in the western, unexiled and unpersecuted Church of the West, have taken our cues from Herod Antipas, and will demand the head of whatever truth teller annoys us if there’s just the slightest of carnal satisfaction and an ant hill’s triumph.We who claim Christ’s mandate to love God totally, and then the fellow next to us as if s/he were Christ, must re-discipline ourselves to that maxim 24/7, particularly here on the web, which ain’t called the web for nothing.No one here is the Enemy. And moreso, no one here is gifted with any more dignity and hope of redemption than any other. And we must swallow that, digest it, become it and exemplify it here, there and everywhere.Communion, I suppose, is what we call it.

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