Writing Letters and Not Sending Them (Until Now)

So in case you all didn’t know already, the book that I am about to release is called Through Minds’ Eyes 2: The Letters. It is, you guessed it, a collection of love letters that I wrote to the people that I used to love over the years, uncensored, with the responses and conclusions. You would not believe how accurate they are in conveying my feelings and thoughts and it is incredible to me to think that I have much to learn from myself. It also proves in my mind as to what my future holds. From looking at the past, I am better able to see the future and how much I learned through this journey.



I wrote letters and did not send them for many reasons:

  • I was answering a question
  • I was raising a personal concern
  • I was emotional at a breakup
  • I wanted them to know how I was feeling about them or a situation

I did not send them because I did not know how they would have reacted to me at the time. Now that i am ready, I am about to release it to them for their personal comfort and convictions and to the world because I believe that it explains really well how my philosophy developed out of these same letters. It also makes me feel better that they know how I felt at the time because I was not given a chance to explain myself all the time.