Finding My Way

I am constantly trying to find my way in my life. The path to my light and my journey started in 2009 and continues to this day and well into the future. I have been through fourteen significant people in my life since that time and all of them are now mentioned in my latest work that is still undergoing personal review. For some of the people that I fell in love with, their journey has come to an end with some recent engagements. I will not change the names of the structures that I am naming after them, but that will also be the end of my journey. Over time, I have gotten closer to the kind of person that I would want to theoretically spend the rest of my life with. Although our journey never really ends, the quest of the journey that I am on right now is to find that person and that the wedding would be the next great break in that journey. Much like my life has been defined by the events around May of 2009, it will again be defined by my personal marriage, and after that point, the point of my journey will change with it.