Is it more important to think about the here and now or the future?

Pat Roberston, like many Christians, are angry about the recent changes to the oath to getting into the Air Force by making so help me god into an optional phrase. It brings up the question for me about what people think about god today. Many people in the world are not worried about god or the afterlife. In a difference that I will highlight later, I was able to tell people about the fundamental difference between the Christian and Buddhist view of the world. In that difference, I highlighted the difference between living with the world in mind and viewing the world with an eye to what comes after. People like Pat Robertson are looking forward so badly to the afterlife that they cannot prove that they do not even think about the world that they are in and they make the world more miserable for the people living in the world. On the contrary, I was able to tell people about the Four Noble Truths, which explains the world in a more practical manner without having to look for an afterlife and provides a better explanation for me as to the cure of the suffering of the world. It is more important to think of the here and now because we cannot be certain of the afterlife.