How should we deal with fear?

Wedding-related businesses graphic courtesy of Pew Research Center.

Public Split on requiring wedding service to same sex couples graphic courtesy of Pew Research Center.

More Difficult to Be Religious in the U.S.? graphic courtesy of Pew Research Center.

Today, a new report was released through Pew Forum explaining that religion is losing its influence and that people don’t like it that way. Many people want things like more political topics discussed in churches and the ability for people to deny business to people participating in same-sex marriages. Many people seem to be fearful of change, although it is not reflected in news stories. We should not, however, fear change. As long as it does not affect us, why should we bother with the lives of other people? In a working environment, why do people seem to need to insert their personal lives into the mix? Let people find their own path and their own way in life. After all, isn’t that what Christians have done and is that why people are in the place that they are in right now? We as Americans should not deal with the choices of other people, rather, we should take care of ourselves in our quest to become better people. After all, God will be judging us for our actions in the end.