How do we notice the fear behind that which we hate?

Today, many people are protesting the ‘Black Mass’ that is being performed on Oklahoma City, most of them being Catholics because of the connection of the Black Mass to the Catholic Mass. However, many people also hate Paganism because they equate it with Satanism. Today is a special day for Pagans, being the Fall Equinox. Many people hate both of these groups because they fear the power that they have over some people. This also explains why people are so quick to try and defend their faith against the likes of Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights. People hate these things because they fear change. People hate the things that they do not understand because of the fear that some people feel. We should not fear Paganism because it has no commonalities with Satanism, although they appear to be similar. Paganism is a religion that is nature centered, not supernaturally centered, like Satanism and Catholicism are. People hate what they fear and have no understanding of. The first things that you have to do is to understand that which you fear and then you won’t hate it as much because of your increased knowledge of it.