How can we deal with the incompleteness that permeates our life?

The Dalai Lama was sticking it to the Islamic State group today in terms of their understanding of Jihad. It seems like the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist, has a better view of Islamic Theology than the self proclaimed Caliphate does. Pope Francis made the same claims and it seems like the terrorists invading parts of Iraq and Syria have an incomplete understanding of their own life. Having an incomplete view of life causes people to have violent tendencies because of the incompleteness of their worldview. In order for us to have a better understanding of our life and a sense of happiness that lasts, we need to know completely about our purpose, the purpose of the people and things that come and go through your life, and who you are able to become in life all need to be in your knowledge. That will cause you to see life and to come to a point in life where we can have a happier view of the state of our existence. That is available to all faiths, even the Muslim faith, if one has a complete understanding of all the concepts in the ways that they were meant to be written in.