The Hite Media Corporation

The Hite Media Corporation… the largest media corporation in the world. It was formed from a large endowment and the recruitment of the best experts from around the world. It has since bought large media corporations, movie studios, and recording studios. It produces music, movies, books, and just about everything in between. Now, the Hite Media Corporation has a new purpose and target for acquisition. Digital First Media… The Hite Media Corporation will kill off one of the largest newspaper companies in the United States and will change the face of news information forever.

Digital First Media is a company specializing in newspapers. It manages the MediaNews Group, Digital First Ventures, and 21st Century Media. It owns all the newspapers in the state of Colorado, which is something that The Hite Media Corporation wants to destroy. It will add about 52 newspapers to the graveyard of newspapers that were killed by the Hite Media Corporation previously.

The Hite Media Corporation puts their plan into action. They rent out office buildings and recruit editorial boards in particular cities and regions. In addition, paid interns are recruited to live in particular cities and the number of freelance writers in the region are bolstered. The increased competition between the Hite Corporation and the Digital First Media Group is heightened.

The Hite Media Corporation newspaper model is built on a large freelance writing and reporting network who write and sell articles to editorial boards and to other newspapers around the world and country on a large database. Editorial boards will buy articles based on the relevancy of the article to the local readership. This allows for a greater flexibility in paper production. Most of the production of these papers is through an application although newspapers can be printed on demand. The Hite Media Corporation does not produce traditional newspapers because of the large decline in readership and lack of advertising. The Hite Media Corporation model of newspaper businesses will start in Colorado and will expand around the world based on demand.

This model is already seen with large newspapers like the Associated Press and Reuters. These are the primary competitors to the Hite Media Corporation, although it takes extra steps to set up editorial boards in cities and kills the local newspapers.

After beating around some of the local newspapers by out-reporting them, providing customized and interesting news to viewers through a custom online platform, and making full use of the technology that is provided into the future, Digital First Media puts all the newspapers up for sale for pennies on the dollar. The Hite Corporation buys up all the newspapers, disbands all the Hite Media Corporation infrastructure, and inherits the reporters and the infrastructure of the newspapers that they bought out. Here are some of the things that will change with the newspapers as a result of the changes:

  • The Editorial Boards will be cut in half
  • The Reporting staff will be recast as independent contractors.
  • The contracts with AP, Reuters, and others will be terminated in favor of the Hite Media Corporation infrastructure
  • The newspapers will stop printing

As a result:

  • The number of journalists worldwide will decrease by 1/4 which has already been reduced by 1/5 since 2002.
  • The pay of journalists will decrease and be paid per article
  • The number of Freelance Writers will increase
  • The standards of writing will again increase while college degrees in Journalism (in addition to other fields) will become irrelevant
  • The number of online journalist sites will decrease