Hite Airlines Group

Hite Airlines is a group of airlines that consist of up to 25 airlines that are based around the world. It has characteristics of Airline Alliances (which it sees as primary competitors), Traditional Airlines, and Low Cost Carriers. They partner with one another to provide services for two distinct types of classes. Most of the airlines cater to business travelers. However, some airlines cater to vacationers. All airlines are administrated separately, however, like all Hite Corporation subsidiaries, it shares human resources, endowments, accounting services, financing services, and other services as a conglomerate.

Similarities to Low Cost Carriers:

  • Only one aircraft company (either Boeing, Airbus, or the New Chinese Aircraft Manufacturer). The aircraft will also be windowless, to save weight and increase safety. The aircraft will be covered by LED lights to show images on the entire plane.
  • Four types of aircraft will be used
  • Extensive use of technology to track packages
  • Extensive use of advertising
  • Transferred baggage is not sent by employees, but by passengers
  • Activities on flights are charged
  • Use of alternative types of fuels (such as hydrogen)
  • Use of secondary or new airports for hubs
  • Different airline routes across the country and around the world
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Route planning in the air to maximize occupancy
  • Simplified pricing

Similarities to the Emirates Business Model

  • Use of huge hub airports
  • No competition routes (usually)
  • Fill in services that other airlines do not use

Similarities to Airline Alliances

  • Shared Sales Offices
  • Shared Terminals
  • Shared Frequent Flier Programs
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Operational Systems
  • Staff
  • Airport Lounges