How do we notice when things are opinions alone?

Nicholas Cage is starring in a new movie that has a lot to do with the Christian Rapture. The rapture theology has a lot to do with Protestant tradition, but has no real basis in the Bible. Since I see the Bible in an allegorical sense, I do not believe that the rapture will ever happen in the way that it is portrayed in the movie. The way that the end of the world will supposedly come in the movie is certainly based on the opinion of a person, which was passed down as tradition and believed by people today. That is the nature of religious people of almost every single religious tradition. How can we be certain of anything that we hear from the mouth of another if we had not done anything on our own to verify the truthfulness of the things that we hear. Faith is not a good indicator of the truthfulness of anything at all. We need to verify the truthfulness of anything before we are able to have faith in it. Love is seen in that way. The sun rising in the morning is seen that way. Why does faith have to not be that way? There are many other versions of the rapture and the end of the world, so why does one have to be true and the others false? What if yours is not true? There is no way to prove it.

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