How can we live for today?

mental illness

mental health rns

A new study today talks about how many religions avoid issues such as mental illnesses, but reality says we need to be more aware of it and we need to address these problems that plague our society and affect each and every one of us. We cannot put this issue off for tomorrow because there may not be a tomorrow for these people. We cannot be certain of tomorrow for any of us. Although many older people know when their last day is, many people in the world do not know when they will die because many people die seemingly before their time. For every person that dies of a natural death, there are people that don’t die that way. We can normally be certain of tomorrow, but can we really be certain every day because it will bring us one day closer to death. Instead of looking to our death, we need to look for today. Live each day as if there was no tomorrow, however, dream as if you will live forever.