How can we find peace with the world around us?

The LDS Church is going to be hosting their semi-annual conference this weekend. However, according to Dieter Uchtdorf, one of the 15 highest men in the Church, the whole ceremony began this past Saturday with the Women’s meeting, which has never been done before. During the conference, other hints were dropped that seemed to make women very comfortable with leadership roles and seemed to be a reaction to ideas such as “Ordain Women”. This push towards more roles for women is reflected across Christianity with churches around the world tackling with problems of women’s leadership roles and the celibacy of married priests. It seems to me like the LDS Church is trying to make changes without being too rash with those changes. The leaders of the Church are making very small hints to make peace with the world around them. It is something that we need to do in our own lives. If we go against the world around us in a blatant way, we will not be at peace with those people. However, if we don’t bring up issues that need to be brought up, the problems will continue. In order to be at peace with the world, we need to be able to state the issues that need to be stated and we need to come to an understanding with the people who are concerned. If there is mutual understanding, the world, and your life, will be a better place.