How do we think of the world as a ‘oneness’?

Many people are reacting to the pose that a Muslim NFL player made this past Sunday as he made a touchdown. Showing praise to a God is common among players, but this player turned towards Mecca and did a full bow. It resulted in a penalty for that player, sending many people in a storm about the double standards that are being seen. Despite all the differences that we see in the world among religion and sports, we are all still human and we need to think of the world in that way. I have also been studying the Baha’i religion recently and have seen many parallels between the Baha’i principles and the New Age movement among other NRM’s. The main theme of every religious movement throughout history have been about ‘unity’ and ‘oneness’. Once a religion does not stay as one, it becomes too different from one another to truly be one in nature. This is the source of religious wars throughout history. With the new times, the new religious movements have been able to better adapt to the political and economic nature of the world. Thinking of the world as a oneness is thinking beyond the impact of your community or your religion, it is thinking in terms of us as human beings and it is about time that we treat them all as equals.

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