North California International Airport (NCA)

North California International Airport is a large international airport located five miles north of Tracy, California, near the intersection of Interstate 5 and Interstate 205. It is a major gateway to Asia and Europe in addition to providing service all over North America. It faces stiff competition from San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport, San Jose International Airport, and Sacramento International Airport. It is located to the east of the San Francisco Bay Area and is in the north part of California’s Central Valley. It is a major west coast hub for Chicago based Hite Red Airlines. It is owned by the Hite Corporation.

It is a major west coast maintenance hub and will take ten years to construct at a cost of about 5 billion dollars. It has a central location in the Central Valley, has three terminals and 120 gates, and has three parallel runways aligned north/south. The entire airport is retrofitted against earthquakes. It is in a better location compared to other airports in the area due to the potential for expansion and the lack of surrounding houses. It is connected to the San Francisco Bay Area with a high speed rail corridor and a road corridor from Tracy to the north.

There are three terminals.

Terminal 1 – Domestic Flights (40 gates)

Terminal 2 – Hite Red (40 gates)

Terminal 3 – Intermational (40 gates)

The airport also has great potential to attract low cost carriers like Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, and other startup airlines. It has a catchment area that encompasses the north part of the Central Valley and the east side of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is also on one of the corridors for the California High Speed Rail.

Potential top domestic destinations include Los Angeles Area, Las Vegas Area, C-City, Denver, Chicago, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Diego

Potential top international destinations include London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Frankfurt, and Paris.

Although there is sufficient capacity in the current system, there will be a need in the future for a new airport and none of the current airports have the capacity to expand.