How can we remember the hard things that we accomplished?

Pope Francis got together with religious leaders around the world in a call to end human trafficking around the world in the next ten years. This is a noble cause and it is a problem that is very often overlooked. People think that slavery ended, but is just came forth in a new form and it is alive and well around the world. People who have been through those ordeals have told many stories about their experiences. It is hard for them, but it is something that we should remember. When we die, we will be known for the hard things in life that we accomplished. We should remember those things in our own life. These will be the impetus on which we base our life off of. We all have those things in our life that help us to understand who we are and what we are made of whether that is a person or an experience. When we get through them, we will go forward in life and we will remember those times. That will also be the thing that we are known for after death as well. The people who went through the human trafficking experience will certainly use that experience to conduct their life. It is a terrible experience, but we owe a lot to them for giving us a glimpse into all of that and it has been used to call people to end the practice.