Westchester County International Airport (NYN)

Westchester County International Airport is a planned international airport that will serve the northern New York Metropolitan Area and southern New York, which is seen as more convenient than the other major airports in the New York Metropolitan Area. It is located between Saw Mill River Parkway and Interstate 684 just south of Mt. Kisco, New York.

It will be the east coast hub for Chicago based Hite Red Airlines. It will also be the primary gateway to Asia from the New York metropolitan area. It is planned to be the third busiest airport in the area after JFK and EWR (Newark). It is also planned to be a cargo hub because of its distance from the major population center. It also has more ample room to expand and can operate 24 hours a day, unlike the other airports. It also does not have slot restrictions.

NYN has four parallel runways in two groups on each side of the airport. There are three terminals in the middle of the airfield with 120 gates. Terminal A has 80 gates on two concourses and is used for Hite Red Airlines hub and other Hite Airlines operations for their domestic, international, and express operations. Terminal B has 20 gates and is used for other domestic and international operations. Terminal C is used for low cost carriers and has 20 gates as well. Terminal B and C have the same layout.

NYN is served by the Saw Mill River Parkway, Interstate 684, and a branch of the North New York City Commuter Rail service. The three terminals are connected by a monorail that also connects it to a consolidated rental car facility. It is also connected by several regional busses to points around the north New York City area.

Top domestic destinations will probably be to Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, and Atlanta. Top International destinations will probably be to London, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Toronto.

There are 2 hotels that are planned to be on the property to serve passengers coming into the city. There will also be access to retail and restaurants because of the remote location of the airport site. It will have the same standards of signage as other New York Area airports.