How can we better associate with people that we don’t usually associate with?

Evangelical Christians, who are notorious for voting with the Republican Bloc, are teaming up with the mostly Liberal crowd of Environmentalists to support the Clean Power Plan supported by President Obama. These people are mainly concerned with the impact that climate change will have on their children, despite the fact that almost 4 in 10 Evangelicals expressing skepticism on the issue. It is a step in the right direction to bring people together that do not normally associate with one another. It is a question that even perplexes me in my life with my new direction, and it is something that happens quite often in my life. I am not perfect at getting together with those people, but finding common ground outside core interests are the avenue by which many people and groups, like the groups in the news, have done and are successful at it. It is all about finding common ground and it may be the way to uniting all people.