How can we enjoy the help that we give to other people?

Pastor Steven Anderson has given some advice to his parishoners this past Sunday in a video that later went viral and made all the usual rounds on Social Media. He gave some rather unsound advice about eradicating gays to have an AIDS free Christmas. His advice will probably not be taken seriously by many people, even among the people in his congregation, but it is a telling sign to all of us as to how we can really help other people. Telling people to exterminate other people to get rid of a problem that has almost nothing to do with sexual orientation is not helpful advice. People decry him by saying that actions are stronger than words for the most part. This is true. If you really want to help people, then you should lead by example and not spew words of hate out. Maybe Pastor Anderson should lead his flock by example and see how far it will take him. That will represent the sheer insanity of his thinking. If you want to enjoy the help you give to others, then you should lead by example. Maybe Pastor Anderson does not like his own advice. He definitely should not be giving it.