South California International Airport (SCA)

Southern California International Airport is a planned airport to be located just to the west of the dry Lake Los Angeles and to the north of the southern California megalopolis. It is located between Lancaster and Victorville. It is separated from the main part of the metro area by a chain of mountains that are planned to be traversed by at least two different freeways. It is the primary west coast hub of Hite Blue Airlines It is owned by the Hite Corporation and serves as a primary west coast logistics and maintenance hub for the airline group. It has a catchment area of the north part of the city and the area around the Mojave Desert.

It is planned to cost about 3 billion dollars and construction is expected to take about 10 years. It is planned to serve as a primary reliever airport and a cargo hub for the Los Angeles area once LAX, the primary airport, becomes maxed out in capacity. The airport is planned to have 5 terminals and 80 gates. All five of the terminals are planned to be connected by walkways pre and post security.

Terminals and Airlines:

  • Terminal 1: 15 gates – Domestic and Low Cost Carriers
  • Terminal 2: 17 gates – Hite Airlines domestic and regional operations
  • Terminal 3: 18 gates – Hite Airlines domestic and regional operations
  • Terminal 4: 15 gates – Hite Ailrines International operations
  • Terminal 5: 15 gates – Other international operations

There will be four parallel runways in two pairs on each side of the airfield.

Planned top international destinations will be to London, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul, Taipei, Mexico City, Vancouver, Paris, and Toronto.

Planned top domestic destinations will be to San Francisco, New York, Chicago, C-City, Las Vegas, Dallas, Honolulu, Phoenix, and Atlanta

The airport is planned to be connected by a freeway connecting Victorville and Lancaster. It is also planned to be served by at least two freeways that will traverse the mountains to the main part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The airport will also be served by bus routes and taxi services. There is also the possibility of serving the airport by shuttles that will carry passengers to the high speed rail stations in Lancaster and Victorville. The airport will also have a large cargo hub and logistics hub.