How can we lighten the burdens on our life?

Pastor Steven Anderson made a controversial statement regarding the LGBT community and their connection to HIV and AIDS and the video went viral. His wish for an AIDS free Christmas, unfortunately, will not come true and will come back to bite him later as a charity announced that they will be sending pieces of coal to the church on Christmas Eve if one sends in a donation for AIDS research and prevention. It is being spearheaded by Planting Peace, which is responsible for the rainbow house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church. Steven Anderson made a burden on himself and it will come back to bite him. We should not have such heavy burdens on our life and it usually comes about as a result of the individual thought process. Essentially, we place burdens on ourselves. It all comes down to the thoughts and the mindset of the individual, and that comes down to how we think of the world. That should be the impetus by which we guide our lives.