Atlanta Northwest International Airport (PUA)

Atlanta Northwest International Airport is a planned airport to be developed west of the city of Atlanta and on the site of Silver Comet Field at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and will serve as the main hub and headquarters for Atlanta based Hite Pink Airlines. It is the main airport for all Hite based airlines for the city of Atlanta. It is planned to serve the city of Atlanta and the southeast as a whole. It is planned to have four runways at an almost east-west orientation and has 120 gates and four concourses. It will have service to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. It is located along a planned major high speed rail route and will have three freeways connecting it to I-20 to the south and I-75 to the north.

The airport is expected to cost 4 billion dollars and take up to ten years to complete. Atlanta as a metropolitan area is poised to develop a new airport in the next 20 years to alleviate congestion at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport, which is the busiest airport in the world. The airport will be laid out in a similar fashion to the first airport, albeit with fewer concourses and longer runways to accomodate the largest aircraft. It is also poised to become the main cargo hub and long haul international hub of the city. The original airport will still serve the majority of traffic on a local and regional scale.

The concourses are labeled A,B,C, and D. Each of the concourses have 30 gates and serve a variety of different airlines. The four concourses are connected by an underground train.

  • Concourse A: Hite Airlines
  • Concourse B: Hite Express Airlines
  • Concourse C: Other domestic
  • Concourse D: International Flights

The airfield and concourses can be expanded as time permits them to be, but it is not needed at the time of opening. The airport hopes to attract international carriers to use the airport and for cargo airlines to use the airport as well. It is easily expandable and is located further away from more populated areas.

Top domestic destinations are planned to be at Orlando, Fort Lauderdale/Miami, New York City, Dallas, Tampa, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and C-City.

Top domestic destinations are planned to be at Dubai, Cancun, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Montego Bay, Nassau, Toronto, and Frankfurt

Hite Pink Airlines is headquartered at the airport as well and serves as a logistics and tech hub for the airline as well. It has healthy competition from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport as well as other regional airports. It will also have a large charter and private aircraft operation due to accommodations and the central structure of the airport. It is catered to serve charters for vacation goers as well.

The airport is planned to be connected to the city by a network of three tollways owned and operated by the Hite Corporation to connect to I-20 and I-75. It is also planned to be connected by high speed rail to downtown Atlanta. It is also planned to be served by bus and taxi.