How can we learn to say yes?

The Catholic Church made headlines today as a plot has emerged that said that the current pope, Francis, was elected as a part of a conspiracy. Although there is nothing that we can do to prove the truthfulness of the claims one way or another, it shows the importance of understanding what happens behind the scenes in institutions. No institution is perfect, but exposing them for the most part will bring chaos among the people, and that is what the institution does not appreciate. Despite how he got elected, Pope Francis was chosen because he seemed to be the most capable of leading at a time when the Catholic Church seems to be on the decline in many areas. It tells us that it is sometimes okay to say yes and it is for the best of the people. It certainly seems to be that way in terms of improving the image of the Catholic Church around the world. He seems to be a voice of reason among Christians and Catholics around the world in terms of putting what is really important in the world in the forefront.