How can we enjoy the good things in life?

Kirk Cameron’s latest movie, Saving Christmas, is officially rated the worst movie of all time. This sad attempt to try and justify the Christian origins of Christmas, as opposed to the pagan origins that it is based off of, is something that makes life that much funnier. Although it is sad that there are people that actually believe in this, it reminds us of the stupidity of many of the people in the world who try to justify their worldview. In the world, there are many competing worldviews, but they are just an illusion for the truth. The truth is above all the religions of the world, but religion is a good way to start to think about the spiritual things of the world. It is concerning that people embrace these lies, but it is funny that we can get a good laugh at a person who is clearly looking for attention and failing to get any of the good kind. It makes life that much easier for us. As long as you are not a believer in it, it is something that is cause for a good laugh.