London Charlottesport International Airport (KCM)

London Charlottesport International Airport is a planned international airport to be built northeast of London in the United Kingdom. The airport is considered a reliever airport for London Heathrow and a potential London Thames Estuary Airport. The airport is the primary hub of Hite Charlottesport Airlines, which has service to 5 continents. It has 10 parallel runways running east-west and 2 cross wind runways that are hardly used. The airport is located about 30 miles to the northeast of the city center of London and just to the east of Southend airport, which will be closed because of the proximity to the airport. The airport is located on the Malpin Sands site, which is where the city and port of Charlottesport is to be located.

It has competition from Thames Estuary Airport, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton airports. It also faces competition from Paris Charles De Gaulle, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

The airport will have 3 terminals and 120 gates. There are four pairs of parallel runways and two cross runways on the east side of the island. The airport is built on an artificial island and is connected to the city of Charlottesport and greater London by a bridge to the mainland.

The airport is also a major base for many low cost carriers and it also boasts a large private jet operation, military operation, and cargo operations. The airport does not have any landing restrictions and does not have slot restrictions.

There are 3 terminals, each with 40 gates.

  • Terminal 1: Hite Charlottesport Airlines
  • Terminal 2: Hite Charlottesport and other Hite based carriers
  • Terminal 3: Other carriers, low cost carriers

Each of the terminals can accommodate international travellers and each gate has access to customs.

There is room to have three more terminals with up to 300 gates when it is completed

Busiest domestic routes planned is to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Aberdeen, Leeds, Newcastle, and Gibraltar

Busiest international routes planned is to New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Paris, and Los Angeles

The airport is planned to be connected by freeway and by rail to central London and Charlottesport. It will also be served by Taxi and Bus. The terminals are going to be connected by underground rail. The airport will cost about 10 billion dollars and will take about 10 years to complete.