How can we better come to the people that care about us?

There is a dispute today between the Syrians and the Israelis over the ownership of a group of bibles that were brought from Damascus to Jerusalem a few hundred years ago. Now that the Syrian Jewish population is asking for them back, how will the Israeli Jews react to such a request? They may not be at ease because of concerns for the war raging in that country and the possibility of it falling into the wrong hands. Instead of bringing people together, these bibles are tearing people apart. Instead of looking to an object to bring people together, we should be looking at the people. Even an object as sacred to many people as the Bible does not nearly provide the same level of comfort as the people around you do. We should be looking to the people around us for the most comfort, for they will provide us with knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and an example to come to the light. You cannot do anything alone and you certainly should not be holding grudges. Even though you think you know what is best, if there is something that you should not be involved in or does not belong to your realm, then you should let it come back to their rightful place. Objects divide and people unite.