Everett International Airport (EVR)

Everett International Airport is an international airport planned to be built about 1 mile east of Snohomish in the Snohomish River valley and about 1 mile to the east of the Boeing Plant at Everett. It is located in the floodplain of the Snohomish river and was once farmland. It will have two parallel runways running to northwest-southeast, and will have 1 terminal with 30 gates. It will be the hub for Hite Cascadia Airlines and will also serve as an aircraft testing facility for Boeing, which is presumed to move to the site once the airport is complete. It has a catchment area that includes the north part of the Seattle Tacoma metropolitan area and parts of southern British Columbia. It faces major competition from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the south of Seattle and Vancouver International Airport in Canada. It has flights to North America, Europe, and Asia.

The airfield has two parallel runways that run almost 11,000 feet and a terminal to the south of the runways at the edge of the suburban area. There is a connector road connecting it to the interchange between hwy 525, which leads to the Boeing Plant, and Interstate 5, which connects the area to the north and the south. The airport is a few miles from an Amtrak station and a train runs adjacent to the airport once daily on the tracks that parallel the river. The airport is also planned to serve as a cargo area for Boeing and a haven for private air traffic and low cost carriers.

There is one terminal with 30 gates that can be expanded to as many as 50 gates. The cargo facilities will be on the west side of the airfield and the private and charter operations will be on the east side of the airfield.

Snohomish County Airport, which is in the flight path of the planned airport and the airport where Boeing tests its planes, is not planned to close with the construction of the new airport and presents a challenge of this airport to get off the ground.

The busiest planned international routes are to Tokyo, Vacnouver, Amsterdam, Seoul, London, Beijing, Frankfurt, and Calgary.

The busiest planned domestic routes are to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, C-City, Anchorage, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis

The airport is served by bus systems from Seattle and Vancouver, by private cars using Interstate 5, and by taxi services. There is planned to be a consolidated rental car facility on site as well.