How can we aim high and enjoy the effort when we fail?

Pope Francis continues to fight for the bishops to follow his lead in caring for divorced Catholics in terms of making them feel more accepted by the community. It is something that the Pope believes in because of his continued outreach towards members in and out of the church that have been dissatisfied or ostracized under the Vatican in the past. The pope is urging them to not follow doctrine, but to follow the example set by the Pope and other people who are Catholic and are going against the conservative skew of the doctrine. He faces an uphill battle to the bishops, who have been shooting his pleas down, but he does not give up. We should apply this same principle to our life. We should not give up on our goals, even if we fall many times. Part of being human is recognizing and going for your dreams or goals, even if it faces fierce opposition. We should not see failure as bad, but we should see it as a learning experience and it will help us to be a better person down the road.